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The best internet possible starts with fiber optic speeds and reliable connections on a modern network—built by a local company with the capital and drive to see it through. It also means making things simple and easy for you, with super service and pricing that skips the gimmicks.

We’re dedicated to bringing fiber to more than one million Northwest homes and businesses, many of which have been underserved for decades. We will accomplish this in your community and throughout the entire region—efficiently and capably, responsibly and enthusiastically. After all, we’re your neighbors, too.

If this sounds like a refreshingly great experience, you’ve come to the right place. We’re Ziply, and we’re here to connect you to the things that matter most to you.


Why Choose Ziply Fiber?

Unlike other companies whose technology was originally designed when only cable TV and copper landlines mattered, Ziply Fiber is currently creating a modern network expertly architected for today's world.

Ziply Fiber is engineering its network to be:

  • Consistently on
  • Reliably fast
  • Confidently ready
  • Honestly local

A network that keeps pace with your home

Your home has quickly become your office, school and theater, you need a network that keeps pace with your changing world. 

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For Home
Small Business

A network that’s reliable and affordable for your small business

Maintain connections with your customers with internet speed that's reliable, scalable, and secure at an affordable price.

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A network that paces the speed of your business 

Optimize speed and costs without sacrificing reliability and flexibility.  Connectivity solutions for your business needs and locations.

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For Home
Harold Zeitz

Chief Executive Officer

David Bohan

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Stading

Chief Operating Officer

Bambang “Bam” Liem

Chief Technology Officer

Byron Springer

Chief Legal Officer

Steve Weed

Executive Chairman

Mike Doherty

Chief Marketing Officer

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