Safely serving you during the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Ziply Fiber is here to help you connect with the people and online experiences that matter most to you.  

We understand the importance of our network services during these times, and we want to reassure you that we are committed to keeping our customers and colleagues connected, safe and informed.

Fast, reliable network

As more and more people across the region work from home and engage with their schools, community groups, friends, customers, business partners and workforces primarily online, it’s critical that you have a great network.

Our top priority is expanding the capacity, reliability and quality of our network. We’re working to ensure that our network is Consistently On, Reliably Fast and Confidently Ready, and to show you what it means to be an Honestly Local company.

Supporting a healthy workforce

Our team members are following the precautionary tips recommended by the Center for Disease Control and many have the ability to work remotely and are doing so.

For our team members in the field who build, install and maintain our critical infrastructure, we have a specific set of protocols for maintaining their safety and that of our customers. This includes utilizing new masks, gloves and shoe coverings for every visit, doing as much work externally as possible and limiting our need to enter homes and businesses.

Like all businesses, we continue to monitor the situation closely and follow the lead of the CDC.

Safe installations and support

Contact-Free, Guided Appointments

For your safety and that of our technicians, Ziply Fiber has temporarily suspended in-home/in-business repairs and installations. Instead, we have implemented a new contact-free, guided process. This means that once we've finished any technical work outside the premises, our technician will guide you through any remaining steps over the phone, from outside. Our technician will make every effort to activate your service while onsite. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for additional help at 1.866.947.5995.
For more guidance during your appointment, you can also access a visual guide of your product below:

How the contact-free, guided appointment works:

Prior to the appointment:

  1. You will receive a reminder text one day prior to the appointment.
  2. On the day of the appointment, our technician will call you when they are on their way and again upon arrival. Tip: Make note of the technician's cell phone number for use during the contact-free appointment.
  3. Please be sure someone over the age of 18 is on the premises, and can communicate clearly with the technician over the phone, as needed.

During the appointment:

  1. Our technician will take every precaution to keep your family safe by using protective equipment and comply with CDC social distancing guidelines.
  2. Our technician may need to leave sanitized equipment on your doorstep to complete the work.
  3. Our technician will call you to walk you through any remaining steps to complete the work.
  4. Our technicians are equipped with Tech See, a visual support tool that allows them to video chat with you in order to provide technical support and guidance while you complete necessary steps inside the premises.

After the appointment:
You may be contacted to complete a customer satisfaction survey.