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In over 210 regional cities and towns (and counting).

We’re bringing a world-class internet experience to over 1.7 million homes and businesses, including communities that have been underserved for decades. Every home deserves a better internet.​

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How We're Different

Reliably Fast

You’ll always see high speeds, even during peak hours. We run our network differently—with plenty of capacity to spare.

Consistently On

Our network is built with redundancy and capacity so that you won’t experience interruptions in service—days, nights, or weekends.

Confidently Ready

We are the only provider who is creating a network that’s purpose-built and optimized for your internet needs.

Honestly Local

We use our services at home, just like you do, and we care about bringing everybody the best service possible.


Why choose fiber for your home

Fiber is as fast up as it is down, making it the best option for heavy internet users, like gamers, streamers, and those working from home or taking classes online. Unlike cable providers, we are not repurposing old television technology to provide internet service, so there’s no need for us to impose data caps or throttling that slow you down. 

  • Gamers experience less lag and packet loss – more wins, more fun.
  • Streaming movies never stutter, stop or pixilate – never rewind to find out what you missed.
  • Get your work done fast – upload and download files with ease and never have a meeting cut out.
  • School at home is a breeze – download assignments, upload homework, participate in class discussion without interruption.

Great rates and FREE home installation for a limited time.

DSL Internet

$ 35/mo*

Straightforward Simple Pricing

Fiber Internet 30/30

$ 20/mo*

30mbps speed upload and download

Fiber Internet 100/100

$ 40/mo*

100mbps speed upload and download

Fiber Internet Gig

$ 60/mo*

Gig speed upload and download

Simple pricing with no annual contracts, no data caps, no credit check.

*Price for first 12 months. Afterwards, standard pricing applies. Prices shown are before taxes and fees and require autopay and paperless billing. Speeds for wired connections, observable speeds will vary. For new customers only.

More fiber is on the way

We’re going all in on fiber internet to homes and businesses. We have an aggressive plan to bring new fiber to cities and towns across the region, starting in September 2020.

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