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For Small Business, the best network is:

Reliably Fast  
A combination of low latency and efficient routing keeps your connection fast and lag-free. 

Consistently On 
Rigorous route diversity steers you clear of congestion, so you won’t have a slow business day because of a slow internet day.

Confidently Ready
Your business runs fast and smooth—where video conferencing, point of sale transactions, apps and cloud services, large files, and high volumes of data all move at light speed on fiber.

Honestly Local
We are targeting our entire service area, including communities that have been underserved for decades, because every business deserves better connectivity. 

Get better internet for your small business

Fiber Internet Plans

Do more with speeds up to 1 Gbps 

  • Ultimate for 30+ devices.
  • Email, transfer large files, host video conferences.
  • Get unlimited data.


Call 1.866.699.4759

DSL Internet Plans

Do what you want with speeds up to 115 Mbps

  • Best for up to 7 devices.
  • Use VoIP, host eCommerce, do Cloud computing, and data processing.
  • Get unlimited data.


Call 1.866.699.4759

Business level rates and FREE installation for a limited time.

DSL Internet Up to 115mbps

$ 70/mo*

multiple speed tiers depending on location

Fiber Internet 50/50

$ 75/mo*

50mbps speed upload and download

Fiber Internet 300/300

$ 219/mo*

300mbps speed upload and download

Fiber Internet Gig

$ 375/mo*

Gig speed upload and download

Simple pricing with no data caps or annual contract. Ziply Fiber provides choice and control -- you can choose to get lower business prices with an annual contract.

*Price shown without annual contract; requires autopay and paperless billing. Before taxes and fees. Speeds for wired connections, observable speed will vary. For new customer only.


Unlimited local and long-distance calling. Advanced call features. Crystal clear quality. Our voice services provide the secure connections you need.

Privacy Products

Protect your passwords and personal info, your devices, and your kids when they’re online with Ziply Fiber Privacy Suite apps.

Streaming TV

Watch live TV and sports. Binge movies and original series. Level up your game. Video streaming apps make it easy and affordable to watch and do the stuff you love.

Did you know...

Ziply Fiber offers 24/7 support – with real, live people – to provide the backup you need to keep your business in business.